Popular toy manufacturer 3A has teamed up with Bungie and Activision to bring 1/6 scale Destiny action figures to market. The first figure in this line is of the game’s Titan class character. Standing in at 12.6″ in height and featuring 24 points of articulation, this figures comes with two sets of interchangeable hands and battle-worn armor covering a cloth under suit.

3A is releasing two versions of this figure. The first is exclusive to the Bambaland store and comes packaged with the Hawkmoon hand cannon (exotic primary weapon), the Shadow Price auto rifle (primary weapon), Felwinter’s Lie shotgun (special weapon), and the Zombie Apocalypse WF47 (heavy weapon). This version sells for $190 and can be pre-ordered starting on July 27. The second version of this figure is a standard retail release. The only difference between this one and Bambaland’s is it doesn’t come with the Hawkmoon hand cannon. It too retails for $190, with pre-orders starting on July 31.