Microsoft is beginning to roll out a new update that brings some new media functionality, plus a needed tweak to the system’s password security.

The biggest change is new controls for the system’s sometimes wonky Snap feature. Now, a quick double tap of the Xbox button will bring up a quick menu that allow you to snap, unsnap, or flashback to apps quick — and record the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

There also some new social features, including the ability to put captions on unlocked Achievements, a friends Achievement activity feed, and a monthly Gamerscore leaderboard.

The system’s new media features include a TV miniguide (which quickly pops up on the bottom of the screen), DLNA and MKV streaming support, and the option to have the system go directly to TV on start-up.

Finally, password resets have been made more secure. Now, each time you reset a password, you will need a secondary email or cell phone number to verify the reset. In the video below, Xbox’s Major Nelson walks you through all the changes.