Lindsay Lohan Files Amended Complaint In GTA V Likeness Suit


Lindsay Lohan has escalated her complaint against Rockstar over allegedly improper use of her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V. In July, the actress filed suit against publisher Take-Two claiming that minor character Lacey Jonas is modeled after her.

The original 10-page complaint Lohan filed against Take-Two has been amended, weighing in now at 67 pages. In the new complaint, Lohan’s counsel indicates that Rockstar and Take-Two have not only used her image in the game, but also in marketing and merchandising.

Lohan’s legal team also claims that a “Lindsay Lohan look alike side mission” was promoted by Rockstar and reported on gaming blogs in mid-2013, though no specific website links were provided as evidence.

The complaint includes six exhibits of pictures, including both images of Lohan flashing the “peace sign” and of Grand Theft Auto V advertising that includes the bikini-clad girl allegedly modeled after the actress. In August, Take-Two responded to the original filing stating that Lohan filed the “frivolous” suit for “publicity purposes.”

Take-Two declined to comment.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter via Joystiq]

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