I was looking for some good high-quality free online games to play on my computer in my downtime at work and everything I was discovering was subscription based or covered in tedious advertisements that led to a frustrating gaming experience.

I then stumbled across, which means “games123” in Arabic. The free gaming website al3ab123 is an innovative and prestige company in the Arabic gaming community that achieves and settles for nothing less than pure web-based video game quality.

The cartoon styled website offers hundreds of free games from Angry Birds to Sonic the Hedgehog that are fun to play for people of all ages and can keep you busy for hours on end. The website is simple to use, keeping all game icons on one easy to access page. Simply click the game you want and hit play when it loads. The load times are quick and the websites response time is impressive.

The first game I played was Super Mario Jump, based off the legendary Super Mario games. The wildly entertaining game sets Mario in his super world with a main goal to collect as many coins as possible in an incredibly wacky game. Each jump is powered by the coins you collect and propels you up in the air like an insane trampoline in the sky. Getting coins doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed more, one wrong jump and you fall back to the ground and ends your run.

Then I played the fast paced Zombie Situation where you need to hold off an endless amount of zombie hordes. You start by defending your house with a trusty pistol and move out in the world collecting and upgrading new weapons as well as walls to hide behind and pills that make your reflexes faster. The addicting rounds get increasingly harder as zombies start to walk, skateboard and fly towards you in all directions to beat down your wall to eat your tasty flesh. This title was for sure my favorite among the large selection of free games.

Getting a great game on al3ab123 isn’t difficult to do. I could choose a title at random and be perfectly happy with it. Most of the games I played kept me very interested and before I knew it, four hours had past. If you’re interested in a huge collection of free online games, I would recommend you give al3ab123 a try the next time you’re on your phone, at your desk, or anywhere really.