SellerFly has gained a good reputation on the web for providing a resource directory of wholesalers, liquidators, manufacturers, and drop shippers. But does the reality live up to the hype? I decided to find out and review SellerFly to save you risking the time and money involved with finding out yourself. Here’s what I found…

sellerfly website

First Impressions:

The money wasn’t huge, I got my membership for $29.95 (or $2.50 per month) and everything seemed to be in order. Once inside, I quickly noticed that the website is not what I would describe as the prettiest (it’s very simple) but was easy to navigate. When you sign into the website you will be directed to the main category page listing off a number of sections like electronics, health & beauty, clothing, video games, and even baby gear. You’ll find twelve categories in total to explore in your conquest for low priced wholesale.

When I got settled, I searched for women’s designer clothing and found a good size collection of suppliers. This category is by far the biggest on SellerFly. I purchased some bracelets and earrings from a company that did not require a minimum order or a tax ID number.

From what I’m seeing, the majority of these wholesalers are open to public sales and only a few make you go through an application process. The prices on my bracelets were low and shipping was decent so I bit. I received the items five business days later by UPS. The quality was very good and chances of selling this jewelry for a profit seems high. My first purchase went well and I will be trying a new wholesaler soon.

Quality of Suppliers:

I believe they have around 230+ at the time of this writing. Overall I found a large database of companies that were legit businesses. That was the most important part and worrisome for me. Each supplier offers different products at different prices and although the heavy-lifting has been done for you, it is important to review each supplier and their work to make sure they’re the right fit for your business.

How does SellerFly compare to SaleHoo?

In hindsight, these two companies offer basically the same database. SellerFly doesn’t carry nearly as many suppliers as SaleHoo. However, they do sell products on site with the SellerFly Store which is an added value in my opinionĀ and have all of the highest quality suppliers that SaleHoo carries and probably more.

I believe the reason SellerFly offers less is because they weed out more suppliers and have a stricter verification process. They also don’t have community forums and blogs that SaleHoo advertises heavily with their service but do carry web store development tools and guides. In the end, I would recommend SellerFly over SaleHoo hands down because of the large price difference.