EA Sports Details NBA Live Ultimate Team


EA Sports will be implementing its Ultimate Team mode into the upcoming NBA Live 14. The card-based feature has been a hit in Madden and FIFA, not to mention a way for EA to continue to monetize the sports titles after purchase.

Live Ultimate Team will allow players to build a team from collectible cards. These represent players, coaches, jerseys, and more. Cards are acquired with coins earned through play (or purchased with real money). Packs are also awarded by completing fantasy matchup games.

The Fantasy Showdowns pit your team against real teams and themed squads. Throughout the season, EA will be adding more Showdowns, more players, and boosts that are based on real world performance.

You can read more about the FIFA and Madden versions of the ultimate team formula. We’ve also got the first gameplay video of NBA Live 14.

[Source: EA Sports]

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