It looks like Xbox Live Arcade has been very good to Undead Labs’ State of Decay. The title sold over 250,000 copies in its first two days on the platform, and has continued to woo players since.

We’ve known about plans for a PC version for some time, and now we have more details. Those awaiting the title, which will arrive first via Steam Early Access this year, can expect improved resolutions and framerate. The content will be identical to that in the Xbox Live version. The Early Access version will only support controllers, with keyboard and mouse support included in the full release.

Mod tools are not planned for the PC, but the Undead Labs team isn’t opposed to modding. For Xbox Live, a few updates are currently planned. In the next patch, players will be able to have NPCs accompany them on missions. As we previously mentioned, multiplayer won’t be happening until a sequel.

Additionally, sandbox mode is taking shape. There will be no victory conditions, but supplies and resources will run low. Once the area is cleared out, the player can take some NPCs to the next map, which is more dangerous.

[Source: Undead Labs]