The success of Dead Island caught many people off guard – including publisher Deep Silver, which is scrambling to restock store shelves with new copies of the game. Today the company announced that Dead Island has shipped 1 million copies in North America.

In addition to shipping one million copies in North America, Deep Silver expects to have sold 2 million units worldwide by the end of the week. The game’s successful launch has not been without its hiccups, however, including the accidental release of an early build of the PC game on Steam and myriad bugs that have affected the 360 and PS3 versions. Developer Techland is working hard to address these problems, and has already released a patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game. PC and PS3 patches are on the way as well. Techland also told Kotaku that it’s pushing back the planned DLC for Dead Island until players’ concerns are met. “Right now the Dead Island development team’s priority is working on fixes and updates across all platforms so that we can take care of all of the fans who have been so supportive of our game,” a spokesperson for the studio told Kotaku. “There is some awesome DLC content planned for Dead Island, but first we have to put all our focus on the base game experience.”

I’m about 20 hours into Dead Island and am still loving the game, so it’s good to hear that Techland has a big hit on its hands and that the studio is prioritizing the post-release TLC that it needs over the DLC it planned on. We’ll keep you posted on the availability of the PS3 and PC patches as soon as we hear more.